Motorcycle ninja, jewelry maker, artist, crafter and graphic designer.

Over the past decade, Iíve tackled many different projects, from corporate branding to digital media to good old fashioned graphic design. Armed with a Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College, and experienced in both corporate settings and freelance work, I can handle just about any project.

Managing and implementing projects big and small, I always bring a creative edge and a fresh perspective to help clients take their idea to the next level. Iím flexible and easy to work with and able to take a concept from an array of ideas and execute it through to final production.

Design isnít just about coming up with ideas. Ideas need to be executed, managed and produced. From organizing ideas into a functional format, to managing people involved to coordinating production, Iím involved in every aspect of the production practice. Iím also able to juggle a large workload, making sure all projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Design wouldnít be anything without the people I design it for. Iím flexible, easy to work with, and I listen to your ideas. I make sure you get what you want for the best possible price, and ensure itís produced in the highest quality your budget will allow. Iím at home on a Mac, and live in the Creative Suite Ė InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Laying out everything from books to brochures to business cards, and all pre-press ready.